Leading Service Management Software and ERP Provider Rebrands as Asolvi

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It’s the latest development for a company that has been at the centre of some big changes over the past couple of years, most notably the acquisitions of Tesseract in the UK and WinServ in Sweden. Asolvi is now helping 800 customers across 30 countries to attain greater flexibility, scalability and profitability in their service operations.

Evatic Group, the leading provider of service management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Europe, has been rebranded “Asolvi”

Pål M. Rødseth, CEO of Asolvi, explains the reasoning behind the new name:

“We wanted a name indicative of the fact that we don’t just supply software. We solve problems. We find solutions to our clients’ service management needs. We’re a partner that helps you become more efficient. And since we’re a multilingual and multinational company, we also wanted something easy to pronounce in many languages!”

Asolvi will continue to offer service management solutions under the Evatic, Tesseract and WinServ brand names, but felt that the time was right to distinguish between the company and its products.

Pål M. Rødseth:

“Our products have been in the marketplace for a long time and have established themselves as leading brands within their respective segments. Each product has its own distinct benefits and will continue to develop under the Asolvi umbrella.”

Rødseth goes on to explain how he expects Asolvi’s recent growth to bring some stability to the market.


“Having acquired both Tesseract and WinServ in the last 18 months, we expect to continue the much-needed consolidation of service management software players in the SMB space in Europe. Being a larger entity gives us economy of scale to meet the future demands of modern service companies.”

Asolvi is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway and has offices in the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland and Singapore. It is a private company owned by the employees and Viking Venture.