5 signs of an old enterprise application software

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Signs #3: Outdated database system – maintenance and operability drives IT costs

Collecting old things from nostalgia is a nice thing, but cruising around in rough waters with an old barge is dangerous. You need a special crew to guide the ship well and keep it running. The maintenance costs for such a luxurious nostalgia can quickly burden the finances.

The same applies to outdated database systems for your business software. Old software is often only executable on old servers. The saved costs for an update are quickly spent on the costly maintenance of the legacy systems. Expensive specialists increase the IT budget required for maintenance. Security vulnerabilities in the old programs endanger data security. If IT costs are driven up by high maintenance fees, this is a sign of outdated business software.

Modern software also generates software maintenance fees. However, these are usually priced below the maintenance costs for outdated software. Regular updates or a new purchase saves money in the long term.

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