5 signs of an old enterprise application software

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Signs #2: Missing interfaces – Double data collection in multiple systems

On a ship, processes must be efficient and safe in order to avoid endangering the ship, passengers or cargo.

The same applies in the company if several software systems are necessary for a business process. This is conceivable in complex and costly business processes. Special software for individual areas is the alternative to complex special programming in one program. However, the process flow must also be efficient and safe. This is not guaranteed if the programs cannot communicate via interfaces. Data must be entered into the systems several times. This increases the amount of work involved and creates the possibility of incorrect entries.

Manual data transmission slows down the business process, generates erroneous information due to typing errors or changed information in the meantime. Such a situation is a sign of outdated business software in the company. Modern solutions have sufficient interfaces for automated communication. Automation via interfaces increases process and data quality, speeds up the business process and reduces workload in the company.

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