5 signs of an old enterprise application software

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Digitalisation, industry 4.0 and IoT do not stop at the topics of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and merchandise management. For all these areas, there is appropriate enterprise software. These 5 signs reveal how you can see that you are working with outdated business software.

5 signs of an old enterprise application software


Signs #1: Double data storage – multiple software solutions contain the same data

Imagine this situation: two captains in command at the same time on one ship. How could you solve this situation so that the ship reaches its destination safely: there would be an enormous need for coordination!

This image, transferred to companies, describes the use of several software solutions – often also Excel lists – which contain identical data. The conflict lies in the need for coordination between the programs and lists. Data changes in one system must also be maintained in the other program. It is often not clear which data is more up-to-date. Newer data is overwritten with older information. Employee resources are wasted unnecessarily for the constant comparison of the different data sources.

Particularly when separate CRM and ERP systems are in operation, wasted resources are incurred. Why are separate systems used? Old ERP systems do not have a CRM module. For customer relationship management, a separate program is acquired and two (data) captains are already in the company. One thing is clear: double data storage is a clear sign of an outdated business solution – an integrated CRM and ERP solution is necessary.

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