Interview with Scheer: ERP 2018

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topic 5: Hacker-safe enterprise software (Blockchain, DSGVO)
Question: Will 2018 see an increase in the hacking of business software?

The general trend of increases in internet criminality will continue and ERP systems will be no exception to the rule. The real question for the future will be, however, the extent to which the effects of such attacks can be limited and controlled. Especially because of the increasing automation of decisions it will be ever more challenging to take countermeasures before the attacks lead to damage being done. Take, for example, so-called flash crashes: they remain in our memories for the sudden and dramatic falls in stock market prices that resulted. Technologies in the area of AI and process mining offer us a possible way out of the problem: if we automate decisions then we must also automate the controls and the execution of counter measures.


The interview was conducted in writing with Mario Baldi, CEO of Scheer GmbH.

Mario Baldi, CEO der Scheer GmbH
Mario Baldi, CEO der Scheer GmbH

About Mario Baldi:

Alongside his overall responsibility for the company as CEO of Scheer GmbH, Mario Baldi places significant emphasis on the expansion of the sales and marketing organization. Mario Baldi has over 25 years’ experience of senior management positions in the IT industry, 10 years of these as the sales manager of SAP Germany, SAP SI/SAP Hosting and TDS. The 47 year old holds a degree in economic sciences and was responsible for the development of a powerful sales organization in 7 market units as Head of Sales EMEA at SAP Germany. Mario Baldi has many years of market and management experience, particular expertise in sales and strong connections to a wide international network.

About Scheer GmbH:

As a consulting and software house Scheer GmbH supports companies in the development of new business models, with the optimization and implementation of efficient business processes as well as with the dependable operation of their IT systems. The integrated architecture of the digital solution house comprises consulting solutions and products: it offers dependable solutions for the digitisation of business models and processes as well as for the implementation of new technologies in digital business.


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