Interview with Elastic Path: Headless Commerce

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3. What are the benefits for companies using this approach?

One of the greatest advantages of moving to a headless commerce solution is that you don’t have to rip and replace an old platform all at once. You can ease into it by starting small with specific commerce functions or a single product line in a single geography and phase in the headless commerce platform and functionality as you get comfortable with it. Leaving the full-stack solution in place and chipping away at it over time reduces risk and ensures your mission critical revenue generating systems will always be available.

With a headless commerce platform, businesses sell more products and services across multiple touchpoints, including traditional online stores, mobile apps, videos, how-to guides, connected cars, and virtual and augmented reality, and it enables unified and connected customer experiences across all of these touchpoints. It’s future-proof too, with a flexible commerce environment that will be able to withstand industry and technology disruptions we can’t even foresee yet.

Elastic Path’s client base includes T-Mobile, Swisscom and the Carnival Corporation who each enjoy the benefits of an open, flexible, and modular architecture that drives brand-defining customer experiences, facilitates business agility, and eliminates the need for sales channel silos.

For example, Carnival Corporation, a cruise operator and one of the world’s largest leisure travel companies, has created the ultimate vacation experience for its customers through its innovative OceanMedallion™ technology, thanks to its investment in Elastic Path.

The OceanMedallion™ technology converges the physical and digital worlds into one frictionless experience by incorporating high-speed internet and diverse features such as keyless cabin entry, a virtual concierge service and a family-tracking navigation system in one small wearable token.

Each medallion is connected to a specific guest and cleverly interacts with 7,000 sensors and smart devices on the ship’s decks, tracking where they are, what they’re doing, and what they might want to do next. The medallions are connected to an ecosystem onboard the ship via the Ocean guest experience platform – an experience Internet of Things (xIoTTM). The network of thousands of sensors and smart devices work to provide personalised recommendations and a plethora of exceptional opportunities.

As well as this, it can be worn as a pendant, on a wristband, in a clip or simply placed in a pocket to deliver enhanced services and personalised experiences without guests having to push a button or take any action.

As this example shows, a headless commerce solution provides businesses with the power to develop new ways to engage and interact with customers and monetise customer experiences without the laborious and expensive back-end development. The full scope of headless commerce is leading to a commerce revolution, as B2B and B2C businesses now have the flexibility to integrate multiple touchpoints to their platforms.

The interview was conducted in writing with John Bruno, Vice President of Product Marketing at Elastic Path.

John Bruno is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Elastic Path. As part of the product leadership team, Bruno is responsible for continuing Elastic Path’s legacy of anticipating the next commerce evolution and leading the revolution behind it. He also empowers Elastic Path product teams to better understand customer behaviours, channel partner dynamics, analyst views and the competitive landscape.