Interview with Rockstar Software about ERP of the future

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Question 5: Will your software be able to make independent decisions using artificial intelligence (AI) in the future?

Yes, according to customer requirements. Rockstar ERP is developed in PHP and in PHP there are already various AI frameworks, such as FANN or PHP-ML. So that should not be a problem.


This interview was conducted in writing with Vojtech Prehnal:

Founder of Rockstar Software International
Founder of Rockstar Software International

About Rockstar Software International

Rockstar Software International is a global software producer and IT services provider with the focus on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software development.
Rockstar ERP is an open-source web-based general purpose enterprise resource planning system (ERP), a perfect starting point for the development of industry-specific templates and tailor-made solutions for companies of all sizes including finely selected set of core functions in the field of finance, purchase, inventory and sales, completely free for commercial use.