Interview with Rockstar Software about ERP of the future

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Matthias Weber in an interview with Vojtech Prehnal, founder of Rockstar Software International, about ERP of the future

Interview with Rockstar Software about ERP of the future

Question 1: Which trends do you see for your software in the next 3,5 and 10 years and where does your company have the greatest need to catch up?

The main trend is clear: today’s software vendors are trying to migrate their ERP systems to the cloud and have them under their control, including all the user data, and thus make their customers completely dependent on them. This brings their customers in an unfair relationship. We offer an alternative: our customers can run our software on their own servers.

The second trend is that today’s ERP systems are being less and less customized in the code. Instead, end-users are forced by ERP vendors to adapt their business processes to the standard software so that ERP vendors can sell the same code several times without further adjustments (e.g. SAP). In contrast with this, we offer our customers unlimited possibilities of program adjustments.

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