ERP 2018, a look into the glass ball with ERP heroes

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Similar to a fortune-teller´s view into the glass ball,  our attempt to predict ERP trends for the next year is a fixed ritual – this time for 2018. On the one hand, we asked ourselves what ERP manufacturers will motivate. An interview series with well-known software companies will also be held. But just as important to us this year is another point: The challenges from the perspective of ERP users. Which topics do companies have to deal with in the context of digital transformation? We have found five visions of the future:

ERP 2018, a look into the glass ball

topic 1: Intelligent and autonomous enterprise software (AI, machine learning)

Since the use of EDP (electronic data processing) in companies, computers have become digital employees. In the beginning, simple programs only took on auxiliary tasks, such as saving customer and order data. With the further development of rudimentary software into professional enterprise software (EAS), these programs slowly but surely developed from a digital unskilled worker to a full-fledged employee who makes intelligent and autonomous decisions. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help this digital assistant to improve his skills and make him a permanent employee of the future. ERP software can already make “decisions” based on fixed rules and regulations. For example: The purchase of a product in the web shop is rejected if the order quantity is higher than the available stock quantity and the article can no longer be reordered from the standard supplier. The future will be much more flexible: the ERP system connected to the web shop will try to order the desired articles from alternative suppliers or perhaps suggest other products that are more suitable for the customer based on purchasing behaviour and preferences. This new type of virtual customer service will in future be responsible for sales advantages.

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