Expert opinion of Enno Lueckel, Vice President and head of the sales team of Ephesoft, about digital platforms

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Expert opinion of Enno Lueckel, Vice President and head of the sales team of Ephesoft, about digital platforms

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To date, a lot of systems for document management in the context of ERP focus on invoices. Even the handling of other commercial documents such as orders and returns are either not intended use or simply impossible. We at Ephesoft consciously chose another path by presenting our software as a platform and encouraging our customers to automate all paper-based processes in their companies. That way we support the conception and implementation of new business models and innovative projects in digitization.

On the one hand, we reach this goal through the open architecture of our software, which does not limit itself to any fixed structures in the product. Even though there are so-called templates to simplify the introduction to the solution but nevertheless, every customer and every vendor can implement new document classes to digitize additional documents. On the other hand, we foster the open structures of our solution through a transparent licencing model, which is not limited to or only available for rigidly defined functions like fields or tables. Instead, it is totally open and permits the processing of many different projects without additional licencing costs. Additionally, we support the idea of a platform by offering open SDKs and interfaces for web services like REST or SOAP. With a new release, we will also support swagger services, which simplifies the integration into third-party systems even further.

It is important to us, to not only deliver a system with one function but a comprehensive platform. Today, no company wants closed solutions which result in additional services and licencing costs with every extension. Connected company software is by no means just a hype but a real and important trend in line with digitization.

About Enno Lueckel:

Enno Lueckel leads Ephesoft’s Sales teams in EMEA. He brings over 15 years’ experience in the areas of document capture and enterprise content management. Prior to joining Ephesoft, Enno built Notable Solutions’ European operations, transforming the organisation from a technical sales approach in the MFP industry, to an EMEA-wide provider of decentralised capture solutions.

About Ephesoft:

Ephesoft is a leading provider of public and private cloud-based Smart Capture® technology that enables companies around the world to transform unstructured data into value-added information. Ephesoft uses Supervised Machine Learning to provide its customers with reliable and efficient solutions for the intelligent capture and analysis of documents. This enables companies to automate all business processes that depend on document processing, reducing process-related costs and increasing process accuracy and productivity. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Ephesoft has offices in the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, customers in over 50 countries worldwide and continues to grow.