First of Its Kind Incubation Program Starts With 12 Promising Blockchain Startups in Switzerland

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A new milestone for the Crypto Valley as multiple international projects relocate to Zug – This week, the first edition of the CV Labs Incubation Program has started in the heart of the Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland. Out of 500 applications, 12 startups were selected and have relocated to Zug for the ten-week program. The blockchain projects receive up to $125k in funding, work with more than 70 experienced mentors/experts and get valuable access to the globally respected Crypto Valley ecosystem. The second batch of the program starts in fall 2019, applications are now open.

First of Its Kind Incubation Program Starts With 12 Promising Blockchain Startups in Switzerland

Since its launch in September 2018, CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) has become one of the most important and influential companies in the Crypto Valley. The investment company contributes to the globally known Crypto Valley ecosystem with a team for blockchain projects, the blockchain focused co-working space CV Labs in Zug, Crypto Valley’s biggest blockchain event – the CV Summit – regular meetups, and industry insights through the “Crypto Valley Top 50” report, as well as the monthly CV Post newsletter. With the CV Labs Incubation Program, the investment company is celebrating a new important milestone.

Mathias Ruch, CEO and Founder of CV VC, says:

“With the CV Labs Incubation Program, we are leveraging Switzerland’s pole position in the blockchain industry to bring the next generation of blockchain startups to this unique ecosystem. Blockchain as well as AI and IoT are all heralding a paradigm shift in technology. They are designed to enable machines to communicate among themselves and to perform a wide variety of tasks in a largely automated manner. These technologies will impact our lives deeply and place increased demands on transparency and security. We believe blockchain will act as the catalyst tying all these technologies together.”

Smart Money: Funding combined with expert education and mentoring

CV VC invests up to $125k in seed funding into the 12 participating early stage blockchain companies in return for 10% equity. Participants in the program benefit from an extensive curriculum, education and coaching, the CV Labs network, workspace and a series of events.

The program is based on five pillars: “Strategy & Team”, “Pitch Deck & Pitch Training”, “Blockchain & Tokenomics”, “Agile Business Excellence” and “Investor-Room Ready”. The startups receive coaching on topics such as finalizing business plans, recruiting the right team, fundraising, marketing and communication strategies and much more.

The list of the over 70 mentors/experts includes some of the most renowned blockchain pioneers, crypto finance specialists, crypto lawyers and investors, such as Mona El Isa (Melonport), Lili Zhao (Neo Global), Morgan Pierce (Seba Crypto AG), Guenther Dobrauz (PwC Legal) and Sara Simeone (Digital Oracles). All mentors are dedicating time for in-person sessions, workshops and other activities with the incubatees.

Sara Simeone, CEO of Digital Oracle with 15 years’ experience in data-driven digital marketing strategies, is looking forward to her role as a mentor in the program:

“Being an entrepreneur in a new emerging industry, using ever-changing technology, can be hard at times. I have been where these startups are now and know the challenges they’re facing. I’m excited to be working with them, to share my experience and ultimately see them grow and hopefully succeed.”

Startups from all around the world

Out of over 500 applications from all around the world, 12 were selected. They moved to Zug from India, the US, South Africa and various European countries. The program will finish on July 5th.

Olaf Hannemann, CIO and Co-Founder of CV VC says:

“Over the course of 4 months we evaluated all projects throughout up to seven stages with a final investment committee consisting of blockchain, investment and business experts. I’m amazed by the vast range of ideas across a broad range of industry verticals, strong entrepreneurial vision and dedication that we see amongst the selected startups.”

The second edition of the CV Labs Incubation Program starts in fall 2019. Applications can be submitted here.