ERP for start-ups: Three advantages at a glance

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Start-ups are less than ten years old, are (highly)innovative with their technology and / or business model and have (or are aiming for) significant employee and/or sales growth. (Source: KPMG, Deutscher Start-up Monitor 2016, page 7, Link). Time to think about the benefits of ERP software in start-ups.

ERP for start-ups: Three advantages at a glance

Saving resources: Time is money

Simplifying and automating manual and administrative tasks saves valuable time, which can be invested in the development of new products & offers or goods & services. This creates immense competitive advantages, especially in the highly competitive start-up market.

Centralization: One solution instead of countless programs

Since all employees of the start-up company use only one software, data errors can be avoided and processes can be optimized. The data is stored centrally in one system and is also processed there. The result is an information source that optimizes the workflow and can inform all employees in real time. This increases the company’s efficiency.

Cost reduction: Cloud solutions as an alternative

If you don’t have large financial resources for expensive ERP programs in the beginning, you should rely on cloud systems. A lot of costs can be saved here. The (public) cloud provider supplies all the necessary applications – often tailored to individual needs – from a single source. A further advantage: Thanks to the continuous update function, users always work with the latest version.