Delivering Value- Add Through Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer: A study by BARC

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This research note was prepared by BARC, an independent market analysis firm in association with Visual BI and is authored by Robert Tischler and Dr. Carsten Bange.

Delivering Value- Add Through Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer: A study by BARC

Visual BI, headquartered in Plano, TX, is a niche Business Intelligence & Analytics provider that has transformed the field of enterprise BI and analytics. This market research report by the CXP Group, ‘Delivering Value-Add Through Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer’, explains how Visual BI’s Extensions (VBX) for SAP Lumira Designer aims to deliver information in a standardized and consumer-oriented manner, often referred to as information design.

Delivering Value- Add Through Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer: A study by BARC

This research throws light on how customers should incorporate standardized and mature functions, use suitable visualizations, provide guided and interactive apps that access multiple data sources with ease. This can be achieved by deploying integrated extensions with enterprise-level support to create critical business applications, resulting in increased usage of their applications, user satisfaction, saved time and money.

It goes on to explain how SAP App Center Extensions like Visual BI Extensions (VBX) bridges the gap between Lumira Designer and enhanced visualization capabilities. Ranked #1 in SAP App Center, our flagship product – Visual BI’s extensions (VBX) for SAP Lumira Designer delivers a powerful range of capabilities like 50+ Charts with 400+ properties, innovative Maps, out-of-the- box Selectors, and Utilities. Please click here to download the Research Note –
Today, VBX offers the following value proposition:

  • One-Stop Solution: An extensive library of new components and features to meet comprehensive customer needs
  • Configuration Over Coding: Plug-and-play configuration rather than extensive coding
  • Advanced Lightweight Architecture: High-performance and mobile-compatible architecture that promotes simplicity and reuse
  • Enterprise-Class Support: Dedicated global support team for ongoing assurance

Gopal Krishnamurthy, founder/CEO, Visual BI Solutions said:

“We owe this success to our customers who chose us to help maximize returns on their investments in SAP BusinessObjects solutions to deliver high-value capabilities desired by their business users.”

Visual BI’s innovative product offering includes Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira┬«, Designer edition (VBX 2.3), Value Driver Tree for Dynamic Planning and Simulations, and VBI View – One Portal for All BI Content.